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Something what you would call “peace of mind”-moment.

Sitting down after coaching Erik through his Squat workout and helping out at the family business, I had this..



So simple, yet tasty and healthy.

Scrambled 5 eggs with cheese, whole-grain sunflower seed bread, fresh raw salad with sesame oil.

Now I shall prepare for moving houses on Saturday!


Text, too much text.

Not too sure where this week went, probably somewhere nice I believe.

I had a nice break from the gym from Wednesday to Saturday noon, as Thursday and Friday was spent doing double-shifts at one of my jobs. Time tends to go very quickly but everything else in life seems to be frozen somehow, when you work more than 12 hours.

It’s nice to keep busy, I prefer doing longer shifts but then working maybe one or two days less during that week.

This suits me perfectly because I’ve had enough time to plan, construct workout/weight-loss programmes for a few new clients but also doing 50 % at my dad’s company.

Right, this is a blog/platform mainly about training and everything else that actually is related to just that, Training.

Leg training is something that I have not put that much of a focus into lately, except some Deadlifting as I find them primal and very satisfying.  In ways that is not explainable.

I have done this mainly of two reasons,

The first of those is that I don’t really want much bigger legs, I know, not that big at all but with my preferences they are the perfect size at the moment. Thus not killing them on a weekly basis, but also giving them some rest to see how this affects muscle definition.

I find it very hard to get my thighs to match the rest of my body in muscle separation and looks, but they have been improving very well since my Thailand tip. This pleases me greatly, yes.

The second reason is that I realised in Thailand that I was rather fed up with my old 3 x week split doing only compound exercises, I felt it was time to start doing something new, refreshing and fun!

Hence I am now working to improve my strength and functionality in body-weight exercises such as the pull-up, chin-up, dips, Wall-handstands and working my way towards the epic movement called;

–          The Muscle Up

This is basically a pull-up transforming into a dip and require killer strength and co-ordination!

I been talking about how important it is to do whatever type of training that you personally find rewarding and fun, otherwise there is no point doing it.

Stop caring about everyone saying that you HAVE to Squat like a crazy-person two times a week otherwise you look week and are a pussy. You shall of course train legs; they are a very important piece of your body and muscular system and also provide you with great hormonal boosts when trained.

Just make sure you find it fun and strengthening, just not only muscular-wise but mentally too.



This resulted in me trying out different amounts of workouts per week, how many times per week I put the same muscles under stress and amount of rest between sets to new a few things.

My pull-ups have improved pretty well actually; I’ve found the perfect grip-width to activate my back and arms in a nice symbiosis.

–          Improved strength and explosiveness throughout the movement.

–          Increased my form and technique during all repetitions up to my max of 13 reps.

I also tried the dip out by using two barbells in the squat rack, enabling me to dip with my toes a few inches in front of my hips. Not hyper extending my back which is very easily done if you perform the dip with crossed legs and a 90 degree angle in the knees.

New goals and thoughts on my training simply noted up;

–          20 bad ass repetitions of Pull-ups

–          Crazy strong core

–          Improve flexibility in my upper-back, trunk and over-head reaching.

  • Using – Becoming a supple Leopard – book

–          Awesome looking physique in time for summer, June.

–          Grow my Personal Training/Coaching brand bigger and help more people become healthier and lead greater life’s.

–          Further increase my knowledge within the nutritional area & more sports specific improvement programming.

–          Enjoy every single workout


That’s me for this Sunday, 23 February 2014,

Plunging into a warm relaxing bath


Dark and sweet

I really thought that I would wake up this morning with soreness from a different world in my back and biceps, to my surprise I was actually able to jump straight out of bed feeling fresh!

After doing some morning routines and dynamic stretches I downed some scrambled eggs with cheese and headed to one of my jobs, with a tupperware loaded with a steamed chicken breast. (fish sauce, soy, coriander and garlic is awesome spices to combine)

For the rest of the day I actually felt pretty worn down physically and no real energy, which was weird.

Any how, I’m back home and eaten some chicken, sun flower seed bread and finished it off with 2 squares of 86% dark chocolate, damn that stuff is good. Now I shall devour my Vanilla green tea and re-design some excel templates for training and macros..


First of all,


Just take a minute and think of how lucky you are to have friends, family, health, a life.

Enjoy the small things!

I’m changing my eating patterns up a bit, eating my first meal a few hours before noon. Still doing 13-16 hours of fasting normally, if I really feel under the weather I’ll just eat some more.

Breakfast I normally have 5-600 calories worth of boiled eggs and a slice of pumpernickel bread.

Today was no different and I downed a double protein shake before my workout and I managed to perform really well, with awesome focus and drive. As a few workouts lately it just felt “bah” afterwards.

I been starting with Wall handstands and I will take running up again more seriously when it is a bit warmer, can’t wait!

What I want to say with this –

Do whatever you love when you workout! As long as you perform it safely and with great technique!

I flew like superman today and made another Oat cake!!



Get in my belly!

Here’s the oat cake I posted a recipe on months ago, just bigger and more awesome.

It’s just oats, eggs, big ass banana, 1.5 scoop blueberry whey some milk mixed up and baked for 15 minutes.

Oh, I infused the oats with cinnamon whilst grounding them into Oat flour!

3 dl oats, 1,5 dl whey, 2 medium eggs, 2 dl skimmed milk (0.5 %), 1 tsp baking powder, big banana (130 g), 1 apple (130 g/ only on top and eaten whilst baking)


Chocolate, almonds and a bandana.

Ops, and a banana..

What I am talking about is my staple evening snack/meal!

Chocolate Almond Casein-Pudding!


Providing you with heaps of slowly digested proteins it is perfect before sleep.

I made mine out of;

– 40 gr Casein powder
– 160 gr light coconut milk
– 1 tsp of cacao
– 0,5 dl of egg whites

Whisk a few minutes and smooth, let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes.

It’s like christmas, free stuff!

Okay, 11 days ago it was on the day – 1 year since I started this blog thing.

Fine, not too much to celebrate maybe but pretty quick during the first months you guys managed to look around this place pretty good. More around the 11’000 times to be exact.

It feels fun to post some more serious stuff for any of you to read and then less serious stuff, like my last post on my roast chicken looking amazing. The point is that I enjoy just scribbling down my thoughts for the moment about fitness, training and food and having it at one place, always saved.

Let’s not write a wall of text for you guys this morning, let us cut to the chase!

I’m celebrating this 1 year anniversary by offering one person my Online Training/Coaching for the up and coming summer. 

  1. 8 weeks
  2. Personal progressive gym program – Weekly
  3. Personal nutritional goals
  4. Guaranteed more fit looking for the summer/spring.

This is perfect for anyone who want to get in shape, gym is not necessary but will help things tremendously. (To keep look rock hard with definition) Even if you just are able/want to take 3-4 evening/morning/mid-day power-walks I can of course help you!

  • subject: Consultation
  • Brief, accurate description on why you would like to do this and a goal.