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Lars T Tollstedt

Lars Thomas Tollstedt

Driven by the passion for good looking bodies, strong minds and dedicated people.

Lars is here to help you reach your goals in the Health & Training department through online mentoring and coaching in both Swedish and the English language, but also through posts here on his blog with everything from his own training regime, recipes for healthy nutritional foods to shorter articles about what is happening in our bodies whilst training and so on.

Specialized in Fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle mass and getting stronger he is used to most ways of training in the gym and outside it, if you feel this might be something for you just get in touch for a FREE consultation with him.

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  1. Hey Lars! It’s zomgcookies from Fitocracy, I left you a comment last night on your status. I’ll try to be succinct here with my questions for you. I noticed you are 6’4″ and around 177 pounds with 5% body fat. I’d like to be around 5% body fat as well but I’m confused on what road to take to get there.

    I’m 6’3″ and currently 83kg (183 pounds) and around an estimated 16% body fat. I’ve used to calculate my macros and it looks like in order to get down to 5% it will take over a year and a half?! This is assuming a -20/+10 cut. Honestly, I’m pretty lost with how to proceed. I’m unsure if I should cut now and risk looking too skinny and losing a lot of strength, or bulking up to 200 pounds or more and then starting to cut. At what weight and body fat% did you start LeanGains with and how long did it take you to get to 5% body fat? I would love any guidance you could provide. Thanks, Lars!

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