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Pulled human

March 9, 2014

That might sound like cooking a human the same way that you make Pulled pork, that would be gross though..

Today’s workout was fairly quick and spot on, for every workout I do, I learn how to exhaust myself by less amount of sets and repetitions. It’s fairly hard to explain but it is like zoning into your body whilst lifting, only receiving stimuli from the muscles that actually are working.

I’m excited to say that another ball is set in motion, and I cannot wait to show you guys – It will focus towards Swedish speaking people at first, then depending on the popularity – English might be on the wall too.

Sunday Workout

Pull-ups – Overhand grip

  • 18 Reps
  • 9
  • 7
  • 4

Yes, I did 2 more repetitions on my first set compared to last my last pull-up workout! Although the following sets was not up to the same level, my arms and back were exhausted after that.


  • 110 kg x 6 x 2 sets

Then different versions of Planking and Hanging leg raises!


Don’t forget your cool-down stretches, amazing for you mind and body.


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