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Blueberry Protein Sorbet

March 6, 2014

Who does not like ice cream? Well some might not, but I know most people out there really enjoy a cold and awesome ice cream of any sort. Especially during the summer but, some of us do like it year round.

Like me.

Sometimes it’s not the best time to scoop loads of ice cream down, depending on your diet and how strict/clean you eat. (I know Clean eating is a bit weird, I would more say – Unprocessed foods – instead.) Here’s a little thing I usually do when;

  1. Do not have Ice Cream in the fridge
  2. Want something that’s lower in Fat, Sugar and higher in Fibre & Protein

Today was numero 2, so I decided to do some Blueberry Protein Sorbet to my Post workout Oat cake.

Blueberry Protein Sorbet Recipe

  • 100 grams of Frozen Blueberries – Must be frozen
  • dash of skimmed milk – omit with full fat if you’d like more fat in it.
  • 15 gram (ish) of Whey Protein Powder

Put all of into a blender and blend away until you have a smooth icy sorbet, packet with Nutrients, Fibre, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants. (If it does not blend properly, just add some more milk or water and blend some more until smooth)

And you will end up with this awesome tasting home-made sorbet!Image


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