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Be yourself, be awesome.

March 5, 2014

When everything just flows, you feel the rhythm in your life. It all feels awesome and you feel like you’re on top of the freaking world, nothing stopping you no matter what you are doing!

Today and the past few day’s has been like this for me, a notch more awesome than any other regular good old day. I really think that we need to embrace these days much more than what we actually do at the moment! It’s so important to do things that you really enjoy doing and not doing stuff just because “everyone else are doing it”, do whatever you find fun and makes you a more happy person!

This will result in a much more happy, motivated and driven you. Also making you feel more self-confident which makes you calmer and more secure in yourself – This means lower levels of cortisol and a much more balanced body and you will both look and feel greater!

  • I’m quite fed up with people on the internet claiming that you need to have a certain muscular frame/size to be able to feel good about yourself, which is completely stupid. It’s all about a balance in life and being able to do other stuff than just going to the gym every day and biceps curl for 2 hours straight just to look good on the beach next summer and therefore bulk á – Eat everything you can and get fat. Choose for yourself what you are confident and happy in terms of your body and its size, If clothing fitting is important to you, maybe squatting 10 times per week for huge thighs is not the plan for you..

I’m more than happy with my results in terms of body fat and muscle definition, although I do not have HUGE size on my abdominals nor any other muscles I’m so comfortable in my body as it is and I really feel that this is something I quite easily can maintain. As I always stick around this definition both up and down in %, just depending on how stressed/diet looks like during different periods in my life, which is normal to be different at times.

Be happy with who you are and how your body is created and looks by itself, improve yourself with the tools and frame you are given!

And remember, if you feel that you need help to get ready for this summer or just life in general – Contact me for personal coaching & training. 

I will personally tailor a workout plan and a macro-nutrient profile for you, depending on how you lead your life outside the gym. Nothing is too simple or too hard, I’ll help you on your way to get more Healthy and Awesome!


The weird face is on me..


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