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February 18, 2014

First of all,


Just take a minute and think of how lucky you are to have friends, family, health, a life.

Enjoy the small things!

I’m changing my eating patterns up a bit, eating my first meal a few hours before noon. Still doing 13-16 hours of fasting normally, if I really feel under the weather I’ll just eat some more.

Breakfast I normally have 5-600 calories worth of boiled eggs and a slice of pumpernickel bread.

Today was no different and I downed a double protein shake before my workout and I managed to perform really well, with awesome focus and drive. As a few workouts lately it just felt “bah” afterwards.

I been starting with Wall handstands and I will take running up again more seriously when it is a bit warmer, can’t wait!

What I want to say with this –

Do whatever you love when you workout! As long as you perform it safely and with great technique!

I flew like superman today and made another Oat cake!!




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