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It’s like christmas, free stuff!

February 10, 2014

Okay, 11 days ago it was on the day – 1 year since I started this blog thing.

Fine, not too much to celebrate maybe but pretty quick during the first months you guys managed to look around this place pretty good. More around the 11’000 times to be exact.

It feels fun to post some more serious stuff for any of you to read and then less serious stuff, like my last post on my roast chicken looking amazing. The point is that I enjoy just scribbling down my thoughts for the moment about fitness, training and food and having it at one place, always saved.

Let’s not write a wall of text for you guys this morning, let us cut to the chase!

I’m celebrating this 1 year anniversary by offering one person my Online Training/Coaching for the up and coming summer. 

  1. 8 weeks
  2. Personal progressive gym program – Weekly
  3. Personal nutritional goals
  4. Guaranteed more fit looking for the summer/spring.

This is perfect for anyone who want to get in shape, gym is not necessary but will help things tremendously. (To keep look rock hard with definition) Even if you just are able/want to take 3-4 evening/morning/mid-day power-walks I can of course help you!

  • subject: Consultation
  • Brief, accurate description on why you would like to do this and a goal.








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