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Got Coconut?

February 8, 2014

Fat fat fat fat!

Let’s touch this subject again, focusing on those saturated fat molecules!

We will start dividing the saturated fats in three categories.

– Short Chain Triglycerides – SCT
– Medium Chain Triglycerides – MCT
– Long Chain Triglycerides – LCT

The fat molecule falls into one of the above depending on how many carbon-atoms they are made up of.

What are good about saturated fats, it’s the fact that they won’t break down too much during heating and cooking.

The SCT and MCT’s have some water soluble abilities, which enables them to be absorbed in the stomach and the small intestine > The liver > fuel

The liver is supplied with these fats as fuel and there will be a release of heat during the metabolism of them. In other words the S/MCT’s is used directly as fuel in our bodies and not stored in our fat storages.

This is because the S/MCT can walk into our cell’s powerhouses/mitochondria’s without.

The LCT’s however must be shovelled into our fat cells first, then released to provide energy to our working muscles then burned off. They also need the amino acid Carnitine to be able to enter our mitochondria’s for the burn off!

What to take out of this then?

We should of course eat a balanced diet including all kinds of fats except trans fats that is, but focusing on the S/MCT’s will at least in theory help more with fat loss goals.

You find these mostly in:

– Coconut 60-70% is SCT & MCT
– Dairy fat 25% is SCT & MCT (35% LCT)

LCT and what products to stay away from a bit will be covered in a following post!



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