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Macronutrients – Pt.3

February 5, 2014


The third and last macro-nutrient we are going to talk about, and it is probably the one that people tend to under eat on. Being the nutrient that people should really try to eat more of, so much studies shows that a higher dietary protein intake helps with fat loss from obese people to very lean people.

There are hundreds of different proteins, from transport proteins in our bodies to the protein we eat in chicken, beef, eggs, cottage cheese for example.

A protein is made up of a combination of different Amino Acids in a chain which in turn creates a Peptides if the chain is short, a polypeptide or protein if the chain is long enough. The chains are unbranched and linear with each amino acid neighboring two other amino acids.

The actual process when a protein is created is called Translation and it involves step by step addition of Amino Acids to this growing chain.

There are a total of 22 standard Amino Acids that our bodies need for growth and function, out of these 22 there is 9 that is essential which means our bodies cannot synthesize them itself which means – We have to get these through our diets eating foods.

There you have a brief description on about what “a protein” actually is, without going too deep into the subject.

Favorite protein sources of mine

  • Chicken
  • White fish
  • Eggs
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Salmon
  • Casein pudding
  • Protein Fluff



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