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Calisthenics and Pancakes

February 5, 2014

Today’s workout contained only body-weight movements, working on my pull-up and dips and core strength.


I’m more than happy with my muscle gains over the last year and a half and not really looking to get any bigger really, as there is so much more to life than just getting really big. This is my opinion and nothing against people who’d like to be just that, big. Props to them!


I want to look athletic and be able to perform a handful of different types of training than just pumping  that iron hard and bad every day, like looking good naked, feel healthy and at my possible best naturally.

In the next week I will scribble down some new goals with my training and those will focus on Pull-ups, Chins, Dips and core-exercises mainly and progressing in them in both added weight but also increasing my rep range in them! Today was a fun and pretty easy-going workout and I also tried out the wall handstand which was quite hard with a really sore chest and triceps haha..

You can find my workout here! (saving you from loads of numbers and a wall of text)


I made pretty awesome protein pancakes for my post-workout meal with a side of a triple sandwich.





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