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Back in the banana boat

February 3, 2014

Finding myself excited, passionate, happy and very motivated just thinking about the up and coming months. Moving to a new flat, kicking my training into a new gear by changing the foundation of it a little bit, focusing on a few other things than just doing the Big 3 exercises – But won’t stop doing them as they are awesome.

I have managed to do everything on my to-do list for today, the first day back from my 2 week Thailand vacation which was superb by the way. I have bought a neat stack of fish fillets, chicken fillets, vegetables, coconut milk and flour to do some bad ass protein pancakes tonight! I also squeezed in my first gym session and it was fun to be back to it, these two weeks have done me good in terms of recovery!

Went into the gym thinking (and not wanting) that I would have lost some strength, as food intake actually have been on the lower side in Thailand – not enough protein, low-carb and quite low-fat as well = Eating whatever I felt for that moment. Surprised I actually managed the follow with 40 grams of Whey protein ingested 10 minutes before my session and around 20 hours of fasting.

Bench Press – 85 kg’s x 6 reps
Dips – +15 kg around my waist x 12 reps

These were the exercises I focused my strength on, you can check out the rest of it here and every single workout I have done before today as well!

In terms of my training goals I will create a new post in a few days lining up more what I want to gain and do in terms of my training and also how i will do the nutritional bit of it, which is the key to success if you want to lose fat and look awesome naked or just at the beach…


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