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Sleep & Hormones – Pt.3

January 21, 2014

Time flies when you have fun!

Which I hope you have, at least I do at the moment as I am enjoying my 2 weeks in Thailand!

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas.

Insulin regulates both carbohydrate and fat metabolism in our bodies, causing cells in our liver, skeletal muscles and fat tissue to absorb glucose* (Carbohydrates broken down to more simple blocks) from our blood stream.

It also stops the fat to be used as an energy source, and insulin is always present in the blood stream to take care of excess glucose floating around which will become toxic if it would be left floating in our blood. When this control of insulin fails the very known condition Diabetes can occur, either type I where the patient will have no internal production of this hormone of Type II where an Insulin resistance will develop.

When one is Insulin Resistance, the condition will make the cells of our body to fail to respond to insulin which results in them not being able to absorb the glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. What happens is that these cells will ‘leak’ nutrients and cause a decrease in insulin/glucagon ratio and then result in a decreased energy production.

One study found that only after one night with a restricted time of sleep, induced an Insulin Resistance in healthy subjects.

Here’s another study giving you even more data on more hormones affected!


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