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Sleep & Hormones – Pt.2

January 18, 2014

Let’s tie the bag together with our second hormone Ghrelin and Leptin which we talked about in Part 1.

Ghrelin stimulates our appetite instead of suppressing it, and secreted in our stomachs and pancreas and is name after one of it main functions –

Growth Hormone Release Inducing

It has many more functions than just regulating our appetite up, such as playing a vital part in altering nerve-cell connections thus enhancing learning and memory – It is suggested that learning may be the best during the day when the stomach is empty, since Ghrelin levels are higher during this time.

Ghrelin levels will go up with a sleep restriction thus making its concentration levels higher, increasing appetite which in turn could lead to obesity. High levels of ghrelin in animals have shown a higher motivation to seek out food, behaviours such as sniffing, foraging for food and hoarding food.

These levels are the highest right  before we eat a meal, and at the lowest level possible right after a meal.

Working as a body weight regulator – when we lose weight ghrelin increases which normally cause an increase in food and caloric intake and the other way around when we gain weight. Therefore making it very important to make sure you do not go too low on calories or deprive yourself of sleep which will make you hungrier and tell you to over-feed.

Feeling a bit confused? Do not worry.

  • Lack of sleep = produces ghrelin, which in turn stimulates appetite and created less leptin which suppresses appetite (less suppressing will be going on)

Part 3 will bring up the famous Insulin hormone, so stay tuned!


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