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Weekend and workout time

November 15, 2013

The first Friday AND Saturday off in ages, as it feels like at least and I WILL DEVOTE THIS WEEKEND TO TRAINING!

Any how, I worked a bit today and then headed to le gym quite tired but after some ramped out warm-up I got to work…Today’s session ended up going on for about one and a half hour and some nice weights, (personal thoughts) go thrown up and down.

Here’s the top sets in all the heavier more important exercises.

130 kg x 3
152.5 kg x 4
120 kg x 7
100 kg x 20

Chin-up extra weight

BW + 25 kg x 8
BW + 15 kg x 9
BW x 6 reps

Over-head press barbell
20 kg x 12
40 kg x 8
52.5 kg x 3
42.5 kg x 5

Kroc Rows
34 kg x 8 repetitions x 3 sets on each side

BW x 8
BW x 5
BW x 8

I also did some kettle-bell swings and concentration bicep curls, but nothing that important to actually scribble down..  I’ve just devoured my post workout food and it looked a bit like this, excluding spices and some olive oil lol.

270 grams of Mango and Passion fruit sorbet ice cream
800 grams of Alaskan pollock fillets oven baked
800 grams of home-made potato wedges oven baked (uncooked weight)
100 grams of cured salmon

Hah, I have no idea how I actually fit everything in… Darn, I feel anabolic after that workout!


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  1. Feast fit for a king, GJ!

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