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November 13, 2013

Today has been filled with three, maybe four things.


Tomorrow and Friday will be consisting of only Work, some more work and hopefully a portion of food or two. I’ve just completed a nice little evening walk listening through some spotify tunes and what you would call thinking or brainstorming about life and training, why you love it or at least should. I find it more than amazing to see how you can alter your body, cannot get my head around how/why it works as it does.

Well, I kind of do understand but it is fascinating!

Today’s workout went well, focused on Barbell Squats and going as deep as possible to increase my level of mobility in ankles, hips and knees as much as possible and doing those Squats as low as possible also gives you the best looking thighs compared to doing half range of motion ones!

Top sets on the main exercises today:


95 kg x 5
95 kg x 5
80 kg x 10

Wide grip chin-ups

Bodyweight x 8  x 3 sets

1-arm Kettle-bell Swings

28 kilo kettle-bell

10 x 4 sets – each arm

and then some assisting exercises with higher intensity.


5.7 KM – 1 hour isn – comfortable pace

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