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Running high, or high of running?

November 11, 2013

The feeling before going out for that run is awesome.

That feeling during the run is not that awesome, but I love how I zone into myself, not thinking too much at all – Am just focusing on my breathing, the next few meters in front of me and analyzing how my feet hits the ground.

As there is a major difference in speed depending on how I actually land whilst running although the input of power & will is the same, sometimes almost a bit lower but my speed goes up quite quickly. I see so many people running which is great, but 80% of them look like they have no clue what they are doing what so ever whilst actually doing that run.

Mostly people think that they have to land on their heel resulting in very heavy steps and the run itself looks like a freaking war, where you are fighting not to die within the next five seconds whilst their upper body is hanging quite loose. So, if you are reading this and instantly feel like your running technique maybe is not in great shape think about this next time

  • Your upper back should be held neutral with your shoulder blades lightly pinched together, chest up (this comes naturally with the first step) and then squeeze those abs by thinking there is a very fine thread from your navel up to your spine in the same level as your first set of abs are.
  • Then start running, myself I like to lean forward a tiny bit whilst landing on the ball of the foot which is before your big toe – just push your foot into the floor and you will feel it.
  • Squeezing your but a bit will also help stabilize your spine and off you go!

Now, this might not be the correct technique for everyone but it is the best for me and how my body is built.

This evening-run went good as I only carb-loaded with about 60 grams of carbohydrates in total prior the workout and been standing/moving for 6 hours at work as well!

Run 1:

17:35 minutes – 4 km – 04:25 min/km average pace – 

Run 2:


09:35 minutes – 2 km – 04:24 min/km average pace –


Post workout foods, high protein, high fat, low carb = Rest day!


Leaning out, I really love to see how you can change your body and how it adapts to training and nutrition!


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