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Going down down

November 10, 2013

My weight/body fat levels that is.

This workout ended up quite intense and alright amounts of weights lifted, even though the workout got 2 hours postponed…

I’ll just attach a picture showing the stats from today.

Brief note:

1.5 scoop of protein powder 2 hours prior to the session
5 cups of coffee in total
Good intensity on everything but the dumbbell presses as I did not rest enough to be able to perform optimally.

Two meals a day seems to work the best for me, with a 5-6 hour gap and with 90%ish of all carbohydrates eaten in the first meal after training, totaling up to around 300 grams in total.

The total amount of Calories is slightly less than 3000 that I set from start and during the last week some serious improvements in my condition has happened.



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