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November 4, 2013

Time flies, especially this last week.

I’ve been hitting the gym, eating my food, working my hours and sleeping like a baby and got ridiculously drunk on Saturday evening looking like skull kid…

My weight has been going up and down giving me the average weight over one week to about 84.5 kilos. I feel a bit tighter in general and definition is alright, but let’s see how it all will look like in a week or two from now. I really need to work on my patience and accept that nothing is accomplished within a few days.

Anyway, sometimes I always get the urge to start running again, because, it is quite fun to slash minutes off your personal bests and just feel like you’re flying in the evening when everything is quiet and the temperature is a bit more chilly. I am thinking of buying a pair of new running shoes just to make myself start running and make it a bit more fun again, and then maybe try to run 1 or 2 times a week, high intensity/speed running of course as I hate low intensity jogging.

Today I will also do some benching, dipping and something else, fasted or fed, haven’t decided yet.

Over and out, and here is a picture from this spring, a bit more lean than now…



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