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October 25, 2013

Waking up and downing a can of celsius straight away and at the same time throwing some chicken breasts into the oven.

Both yesterday and today was and will be spent at work from morning till midnight, so planning what to eat is probably the key to success here. Heck, of course it is, either eat whatever you find at work (Restaurant) or bring your own protein…

You don’t need second guesses to get which one will make you shred belly fat.

Here is my weight recordings, I will step on the scale each morning and then calculate the average weight, as fat loss never is linear this is a pretty secure way of knowing.

• <20/10 – 86 kg
• 24/10 – 85.5 kg
• 25/10 – 84.75 kg

I will take measurements weekly, and I am thinking of getting hold of some calipers as well.

1900 kcal could possibly be a bit on the low side as I work waiting tables and standing behind the bar but it's not that intensive so I'll stick around and re-evaluate after 1-2 weeks.


Here is just a go-back-to picture for myself


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  1. shouldn’t you also measure your limbs, chest, waist, thighs aswell? I mean I’m guessing that the body weight is just telling you half the story.

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