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No proper title for a Wednesday

October 23, 2013

So, here is the workout of today and so on…

The last month I’ve had a tremendous amount of motivation to workout and loads more energy has been available, at least what it has been feeling like. It could be due to not going to as close to failure as I use to do when using the Reverse Pyramid Training approach.

Mainly I have been working in between the repetition ranges of 5-20, starting out heavier on the first set as usual but not stopping a few more repetitions from failure than normal and then adding a few more each set and also keeping the same weight for as many sets as possible. Then after let us say Bench press the repetitions went up towards the end range of 20 repetitions on let’s say Incline dumbbell bench press.

It has been pretty fun, to change the way of training up for a while and I think this is why motivation and energy has been on top.

Any how, I feel it is time for the Reverse Pyramid Training to make a come back and the less is more approach to volume and I will also be more strict on cycling carbohydrates and fats to speed fat loss up as much as possible.

Mainly I will eat unprocessed foods but will fill up with some refined carbohydrates such as sorbet ice cream for the last couple 100’s of Calories, otherwise I will just get too much fiber in my diet which will mess up my little tummy…

Pre-workout 2 hours prior 

  • 100 grams of Polarbröds white flatbread with some cream cheese

Workout – I won’t scribble EVERYTHING down, it will just get too boring – Will stick to Top sets/that counts

Bench Press –

  1. 92.5 kg x 3
  2. 82.5 kg x 8
  3. 75 kg x 9


Dips – Bodyweight at 85 kg +

  1. +27.5 kg x 7
  2. +10 kg x 8
  3. Body-weight x 11


Incline Dumbbell bench press

  1. 30 kg x 5
  2. 26 kg x 6
  3. 24 kg x 7

Lateral side raise

  1. 8 kg’s x 10
  2. 6 kg’s x 10


One-arm Kettlebell Swing

  1. 20 kg’s x 16 x 3 sets each arm


Fun and good workout, lasted precisely 45 minutes with 5 minutes of warm-up on the cross-trainer included. Bench felt alright, Dips felt really good with 1-2 repetitions left in the tank on the top sets.



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