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Breaking barriers & Food

August 14, 2013

With blurred eyes and the time of the day being a staggering 5 am, I got out of bed feeling a bit too energetic.

Got myself a cup of black magic and started reading a bit about Australian visas and clicked the facebook logo a few too many times..

After a quick nap in the sofa with the morning news in the background I went shopping the food for today and then thought:

I still read/see people not being too sure what to eat on workout days or they do not have a clue why they are eating a certain food/s – so here is one of few takes on training day nutrition my way..

Sirloin steak
Roast beef
Fresh potatoes
Cottage cheese fat free

These cuts of meat are quite lean so they doesn’t supply me with too much fats as I cut those down on training days, the potatoes supplies me with carbs but still allows me to eat quite a lot in volume of it.

My second meal will be a mixed one with the roast beef, broccoli and cottage cheese and also the oatmeal to provide a smaller amount of carbs but lots of fiber as well. This will make me full until my next meal, which is tomorrow around 12-1 pm.

Here is also today’s chest/arm workout in picture and not in the correct order of exercises and also some food pictures!






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