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Monday swings

June 24, 2013

Waking up and still feeling a bit rough in my body, which makes me even happier about the decision I’ve made to de-load for this week.

Today went great and technique and form felt really good throughout the session and I really made an effort on finding the perfect foot stance during the deadlifts and trying to remember it. The kettle-bell swings felt great and the last few repetitions really did hit the spot even with these lower weights!

The exercise I’m the most happy about in terms of technique is the Over head barbell press, I only used the barbell and did not add any more weights, I really managed to get the technique going very fluently and explosive – makes me a happeh monkey!

here is the session and weights used this morning, and as usual I worked out fasted with only 10 grams of Whey 30 minutes prior – Finished the whole session of with a 15 minute brisk walk on the treadmill upping the incline up to 10% at the last minutes with the average incline being 6-8%.

  • Barbell Deadlift:
    • 60 kg x 8 reps
    • 60 kg x 5 reps
    • 80 kg x 5 reps
    • 97.5 kg x 6 reps
    • 97.5 kg x 4 reps
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP):
    • 20 kg x 10 reps
    • 20 kg x 8 reps
    • 20 kg x 8 reps
  • Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing:
    • 16 kg x 35 reps
    • 20 kg x 30 reps
  • Wide-Grip Chin-Up:
    • 12 reps
    • 10 reps
  • Pull-Up:
    • 6 reps
    • 6 reps
    • Whole session is part of de-load and technique training week – overall good workout in the terms of form and technique
  • Walking (treadmill):
    • 0:16:00 || 1.6 km || 6.5 km/hr || 154 BPM || 10 %




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