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June 20, 2013

20th of July

Morning weight – 81,5 kg – with coffee and water included.

Overall I’m a bit bigger taking how tight some clothes feels like compared to before, mostly chest and the lats has gotten bigger and also the shoulders a tiny bit but I have always had a hard time building those – damn you genetics!

Otherwise I’m happy with my current day-to-day condition but I notice there’s some water retention over the abdominal lower area but who cares in 10 years :)Arms looks a bit small compared to upper body and legs also the shoulders on these pictures but they have decided to look bigger as well, especially whilst flexing.

Last summer this year my weight was around 78 kilo so I have managed to put on some lean mass at least, but most of all – I’m heap loads stronger now :)
Also the definition of the front thighs is coming out a bit more now compared to a few months ago but the back side is another story and then we have my lovely calves looking a bit too small perhaps.

But again, if you’re not training to compete in bodybuilding or something – don’t over-judge yourself as the most important thing is to be happy with one-self!

The light on the pictures might be a bit flat and cold but rather have that than too much shadows that just add way too much “fake” definition!


My legs has gotten a good push in growth the last half year


Non existing calves, bum and some back



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