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Just another session and a few more PB’s broken

June 19, 2013

Today has been a pretty good day! I started it all off with a cup of Joe and PWO and headed for the gym at 8 am this morning for a nice morning session without having to stress through it to be able to catch the rest of the day, as everyone is asleep at 8 am anyways..

I’m really hooked on kettle-bell exercise at the moment and I find that the single kettle-bell swing is one amazing finisher which you put at the end of the session to use of that very last bit of energy you have left!

I worked out fasted this morning which reflects a bit in the total volume of sets in today’s workout but I still ran 3 KM after the regular strength routine and then added some pull-ups as well :) Also I got 2 kilo of body science 100% Whey today in the mail so I celebrated with chocolate banana fluff and Vanilla raspberry fluff as well.

Tomorrow I will be hitting the scales and also taking a few new pictures to keep record of condition and body-fat levels

Comment: the bench press felt a bit heavier than usual this morning but I think i pushed through OK any how.
I then managed to break some personal bests in terms of how many consecutive repetitions performed in body-weight chin-ups (hands slightly wider than shoulder width), dips and also a progression in the weight used in the kettle-bell swing!

  • Barbell Bench Press:
    • 20 kg x 10 reps
    • 20 kg x 5 reps
    • 60 kg x 7 reps
    • 70 kg x 3 reps
    • 85 kg x 6 reps
    • 75 kg x 9 reps
  • Running (Intervals/Sprints):
    • 0:01:00 || 330 m || 20 km/hr || 188 BPM || sprint
  • Wide-Grip Chin-Up:
    • 17 reps
    • 10 reps
  • Dips – Triceps Version:
    • 24 reps
    • 10 reps
  • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP):
    • 20 kg x 8 reps
    • 50 kg x 1 reps
    • 40 kg x 6 reps
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Swing:
    • 20 kg x 10 reps
    • 24 kg x 20 reps
    • 28 kg x 20 reps
  • Pull-Up:
    • 8 reps
    • 8 reps

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