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June 9, 2013

What group do you belong to?

With endless diet and exercise regimes to follow and preach – which ones have you chosen and why?

I don’t know about you but I’ve chosen to eat healthy at most times, focusing on leaner cuts of meat, a good mixture of all types of fats and not avoiding carbohydrates like the plague.

Do you prefer eating the regular 3 scheduled meals known as breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks in between or shovelling your whole daily nutritional intake in one or two sittings?

I find the thought about why people chose a certain type of lifestyle and why quite interesting, as there is so many to pick from and in the end it’s usually personal preferences that makes the final decision or some friend of yours that says that this is the BOMB.

I’ve gone through quite a lot of these different approached to both food and exercise regimes, with varying successes to be fair.

  1. 18-20 years old with the mind-set on the approach “1 calorie is 1 calorie” a 5 day split in the gym working each and every muscle group down to its very origin on the bones, but managed to get quite strong… and store some excess fat thinking everything else was an improper way of training if it did not involve really heavy weights and some posing…
  2. Got into the whole eating “clean” a tiny bit more when I got scouted for modelling, realised that my squatter legs did not really fit into any designer jeans so I went on a nice and messed up fad diet for some months, refusing to eat anything than low-fat yoghurt with some strawberries in it every weekday after 1½ hour of frenetic power-walking with some crazy tunes. Friday was chocolate and crisp day topped with some more chocolate.
  3. A more holistic approach eating a bit more whatever I feel for but still keeping the majority of food clean, lean and colourful which I highly enjoy combined with the health benefits of Intermittent Fasting – LeanGains protocol alá Martin Berkhan – Check it out!

As some of you have realised by reading this blog from time to time or perhaps a bit more often, I combine this type of “diet/eating” regime with heavy, intense and shorter workouts only made up of free weight compound exercises which challenge co-ordination, balance, whole-body strength and gives you the mental ability to really push through things which in the end gives you some type of discipline which you can take with you in your everyday life.

Also as I’m not curling my biceps away or working that shorter triceps head doing some worthless triceps kickbacks I do gain some “functional” strength to use in real life.

What’s that? I KNOW someone read “Functional” strength” and shut the browser tab down quicker than you can inhale a slice of cheesecake…

I personally highly enjoy leading a healthier lifestyle in terms of incorporating exercise and healthier choices of food into it and not drinking alcohol as often as I used to, which is all up to my personal preference and other factors.

But the main reason why I do this

–          I find it so highly rewarding seeing the changes I can make to my body and how my body becomes more efficient performing all the different tasks and challenges I put in front of it and the feelings I get when working a maximal performance and capacity for the time being, that makes me thoroughly happy and appreciate what I have to work with.

Now I shall have some ice cream and some more meat, take care of that body of yours – it shall last and hopefully work efficient and hassle free for quite a few more years.

Here is some random food pictures of what I enjoy cooking and eating, remember though – I’m just a noob chef trying to eat tasty and healthy :)


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