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BBQ Feast season, yes please.

June 6, 2013


  • BBQ’s
  • Wine
  • BBQ’s
  • and more BBQ’s

I guess this is the regular summer schedule for most people in the summer, as I have not stumbled upon anyone yet who’s against BBQ and its amazing flavours.

Believe it or not but I do get the question “How can you eat so much without gaining weight?” – Truth to be told, I’m not eating THAT much if you would break it down to pure calories. I’m just doing the whole thing with some more thought about it.

  1. I do not add 25 grams of butter/oil whilst frying
  2. I choose what I really want to eat, eat a big portion or two or that.

Just these quick two bullet points can save you hundreds of calories per day if you’re trying to lose weight.

Let me give you an example of my last BBQ last Sunday which I could have without going over my calorie budget and also squeezing a slice of baked cheesecake in afterwards – I did not exercise prior to this feast to enable me to eat any set amount of calories.

photo (4)No, not EVERYTHING on there is mine but to put some perspective and maybe give any die-hard dieters eating 1000 calories a day a re-think.

  • The amazing 550 gram Tenderloin Pork Fillet
  • 300 grams of Chicken breast fillets
  • Loads of Asparagus
  • 300 grams of Pork Jalapeno Sausages (ate 3 of 4)

If we do some very quick calculations I consumed 1000-1100 grams of meat as a meal, I know, my stomach is quite big.

Truth to be told, I would not be able to eat all of this food if I would have had a big breakfast and some big lunch of course – but I do believe that choosing to save yourself for a feast is worth it, not  dangerous and AWESOME.

but if eating 6 very not so very satisfying meals a day to “stoke that metabolic fire” works for you, sure why not… :)

Want to eat big BBQ’s every now and then?

  • Eat a small meal consisting of protein and little fat around 2-300 calories earlier in the day if you really need to eat something
  • Fast up to the feast and gain some benefits if you keep doing the fasting everyday – Increase insulin sensitivity, stable blood sugar etc.
  • Eat what you really crave, i.e. Steak and BBQ sauce – not everything on the table just because it is present
  • Going for some leaner cuts of meat makes it even easier of course
  • Enjoy
  • Start exercising in general for a better well-being, increased metabolism (yes), looking good and being awesome

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