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Circuit Instructor Training Day

May 9, 2013

After having a pretty good lunch of pork mince which turned into some sort of omelette, and then just had the mother of all omelettes for dinner:

Mother Omelette

  • 5 Medium Eggs – Whisked together with some grated cheese in it
  • 1 cup / 125 grams of grated cheese
  • Tomato purée

Non-stick spray the skillet, go from high heat to low-moderate and pour the egg mixture in. I placed a big wooden chopping board which covered the skillet and lets the omelette set pretty good, after a few minutes just dump all that lovely cheese on top and put some dashes of tomato purée on top – Wait until cheese is awesomely melted cheese.

Fold it together and serve with vegetables like broccoli which also goes extremely well with melted cheese!

As for activities for today, I attended my Circuit Class Instructor Training Day, which was more than fun! All of us constructed a circuit each and then instructed it throughout – this means that when not teaching, you are working out!

This was really much fun to do something different and see how the others thought and planned their training session, not having any carbohydrates before also made it a bit more challenging!

Tomorrow will be a full day of Indoor Cycling so tonight will be a carbohydrate re-feed!




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