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May 1, 2013

Another day without any proper exercise except some light jogging and intervals this morning whilst taking the dog for a spin..

As we are starting out in the month May today, it is almost about 1 year ago I started going to the gym again – which acted like a major turning point for me, as previously mentioned I lost nearly all my muscles during my first year in London because of not eating properly on purpose to slim down the quickest way possible, no matter what the consequences was.

First starting out hitting the gym for at least 5 times a week, of course my strength went up in the start due to neural adaptations taking place  – This means that the Nervous system becomes more efficient in telling the muscles to contract, hence we get stronger.

It’s after this first neural adaptations that people usually tend to quit attending the gym due to much slower gains.

I cannot thank myself enough for starting to lift weights again, and stop running to just burn calories, as this also limited any muscle gains that could have occurred during that time.

What I did, more than just return to strength training after almost 2 years of staying away from it –
Staying away from something that I’ve always loved to do, and something I have always seen rapid improvements in – This is where my passion and main interests lies within.

Fitness & Health

How to improve and alter your body by tweaking the way/s you workout, how you combine this with different kind of approaches to food intake to get various results. I truly love this way of living, which many people do not quite understand and sometimes have a hard time accepting as well. Most people enjoy drinking until they cannot stand up for as many times as possible during every week, which might not be the smartest to do but it is that person’s choice in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy drinking from time to time as well – what I would like to address here is that, the feeling people may get from drinking and having fun until the sun rises over the horizon again is something similar to what I get from doing my thing in terms of Fitness & health.

You don’t have to give up loads of things to train, and live better. Only stuff that you are willing to skip yourself that might not matter to you that much in the end.

Just keep doing what you LOVE doing, and it will all play out all fine.

Now it’s time to attend a Vidal Sassoon workshop and then tea/coffee with lovely Laura, and tomorrow is SQUAT day!!


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