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Body fat and assessment day!

April 28, 2013

A few days of rest involving eating some extra lean ground beef steak with a mountain of grated mozzarella on top stir fried with some vegetables, pretty awesome days if you ask me.

I also had my assessment day yesterday, going through different Fitness tests and physical measurements as well – I was well excited as that means I would have the opportunity to actually measure my body fay percentage for real with a calliper for the first time in my life.

As impedance scales that measures your body fat percentage is not the most reliable tool to use, great for weight indications but that’s about it.

I did the 4 site  test meaning that you measure in millimetres how thick a pinched skin fold is at these different sites on the body, and these sites are chosen mainly because this is where we usually accumulate fat, in different amounts from person to person depending on hormonal levels / imbalances.

This is why girls always has a bigger amount of fat stored on the back of their arm, thanks for much lower levels of testosterone..

Anatomical Sites measured:


  1. Triceps
  2. Biceps
  3. Subscapular – Below the shoulder-blade
  4. Supra-iliac – waist, around the obliques

You then add the measurements together, getting “sum of skin folds” as a number which you then compare to a chart which will give you the current body fat percentage you are.

I managed to score in at 5.2 % body fat which I’m more than happy with, but I think it could be about 1-2 % higher as I got a tiny bit more fat accumulated on my legs, but not much really.

Now some studying is in place to then move on to the gym for deadlifts and other fun stuff!


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