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Giving it all you got, adaptations, motivation and rest, important stuff?

April 16, 2013

I have throughout my blog posts been speaking about both consistency and motivation being something important no matter what type of exercise you do.

Also Progressive Overload is something which been brought up numerous times, combining these three factors and you will have  successful training ahead of you.

As the body is divided into different systems, which are activated a bit more or a bit less depending on the type of exercise that we decide to perform, it is very important that this particular system is put under enough stress/stimuli so that it’s overworked which basically tells the body that the system is not efficient enough.

This is when adaptations take place, during the recovery that is.

Putting these things together, we can quite easily draw a conclusion that it is probably better to do 3 really good sessions, giving it all you got and REALLY put the system/systems under real pressure, MAKING them to adapt which will result in you getting stronger, faster, higher muscular endurance or something alike. = That’s why you won’t get any improvements of just going to the gym with your protein shake, have a guess on what weight and reps to workout at, talk with your friend and maybe give the cool isolation machine for triceps a go. 


This takes us to the point that it’s quite important to KNOW what you will be doing prior to performing these sessions, this is why an exercise programme card, App or something is important. You know what you shall be doing, how you will be doing it and you can then mentally prepare for this prior to commencement.

Put good music on before the session, have a cup of coffee or two, visualize your session also knowing on what weights you would be working at. This will make you 150 % ready for what is coming up, enabling you to perform at your highest possible level for that day.


Now go out there, give it all you got, have the rest days, adapt and come back STRONGER, FASTER for LONGER :)

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