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Loads of Interfuns!

April 12, 2013

After reading about all different Interval Training systems I decided to do some good old 1:3 Sprint Intervals which is high intensity sprints for 20-60 seconds, literally all you got bursts!

The 1:3 means that if I do let’s say 20 second sprints, I will rest for three times as long, 60 seconds.

Here is what I pulled out of myself today with only BCAA’s as fuel before :)

The whole session lasted for 47 minutes, running to the gym as warm up, then some continuous paced running and then pull-ups and then tried out the rowing machine at the end with the very last energy I had.

As you can see my -Heart Rate- is quite close to by age predicted Maximum Heart Rate which is 198 Beats Per Minute (220 – Age)

This will work my energy systems using carbohydrates and creatine phosphate as fuel and it also creates an Oxygen debt which the body will try to repay in between these high intensity intervals when I’m walking and recovering for a short period of time.

Using this type of training will drastically improve your Maximum Oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), increase your maximum speed, your tolerance to Lactic Acid and your body will become more efficient removing it as well!

  • Running (Intervals/Sprints):
    • 30 sec || 20 km/hr || 170 BPM || sprint
    • 30 sec || 20 km/hr || 170 BPM || sprint
    • 20 sec || 23 km/hr || 170 BPM || sprint
    • 40 sec || 20 km/hr || 175 BPM || sprint
    • 30 sec || 20 km/hr || 175 BPM || sprint
    • 30 sec || 20 km/hr || 176 BPM || sprint
    • 60 sec || 20 km/hr || 186 BPM || sprint
  • Pull-Up:
    • 8 reps
    • 7 reps
    • 5 reps
  • Rowing (machine):
    • 0:01:58 || 510 m || 176 BPM || 20 %

Doing all of this without any real rest periods and only BCAA’s as fuel with my last meal about 14 hours ago, really puts your body up to the test.

Great feeling now afterwards! Now I shall devour an All you can eat Rodizio Meat Buffet :)



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