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Go big, or go home!

April 6, 2013

Celebrating Emil and his big 25 made me a bit tired this morning, the weather was great here in west London so after drinking some beef stock (to replenish salt levels) and some coffee I ventured out for a slow and nice 1 hour walk and get some shopping done.

As yesterday provided plenty of goody carbohydrates I go a bit lower today and eat some more meat instead, which I love!

Here’s todays dinner, yes all three dishes in one go – Eat big or go home has always been my style!

photo 4 (1)

An 8 Egg white omelette with 1 yolk with baby spinach and mozzarella on top,

500 grams of chicken breast fillets oven baked with peppers, carrot and red onion with chicken and herb spices.

and then 130 grams of white potatoes boiled and just eaten with broccoli.

I prefer eating big meals, as you may have noticed, I have always done this and it won’t make you fat at all. It’s all about how many calories you put in your mouth each day that decides the outcome…

I’m all about getting as much food in volume compared to how many calories it gives you, this will make sure you never will feel deprived from eating.

This meal ended up around 1100 calories, and it does fill you up rather good – Also a good benefit of eating clean, unprocessed foods is that your metabolism actually goes up a little bit more compared with processed foods.

Now I shall try to get some studies going and then have some more food.


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