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Food feasting, training and Easter…

March 31, 2013

Easter, this fine holiday with a touch too many chocolate eggs  being devoured maybe with loads of people feeling bad over eating them 1 hour later.

Something that is important to remember is not to cut down on your food intake too much due to this food feast, there are some better strategies than depriving yourself from eating enough and feeling satiated.

Very briefly the best thing to do if you want to “make up for that chocolate egg” the next coming days, eat meat, PROTEIN.

Just up the amount of protein from lean meat sources such as chicken, white fish, lean pork or beef with some good fats such as those from avocados for example and cut those carbohydrates down for a few days.

This will first of all make you feel full like after a Christmas food binge and it will work in your favour, as the protein requires the most amount of energy (calories) to be broken down in the body, compared to the fat and carbohydrates.

Secondly, cutting most of the carbohydrates out just for about 2 days will make you go to the loo a bit more, resulting a loss in some water retention – Drink some more water as well and eat your vegetables!

And don’t feel bad about the food you eat, you ate it because of a reason – You liked it, you had fun, enjoy, don’t deprive yourselves!


This was a fine day for me, I went central London to do some weights with Emil, although the energy was not the highest in terms of strength and motivation, it was a good one.

Bench Press 100 kg x 1  x 2 sets, so one rep less in each set compared to last Wednesday but still more than happy with this!

Dips + 15 kg x 7 x 2 sets
Bodyweight x 12 x 2 sets

Well, As you see I’m not the best on dips in the higher rep ranges, I have a much easier time to rep out on the chin-ups.

Bodyweight was also checked up, and I’m still on 81 kilo- with clothes, shoes and plenty of water in my stomach which means I should still be around 80.5 kilograms naked and not a tank of water in me.

I am currently working out a new diet programme for myself to get in very good shape for summer, I won’t try to lose any weight really.

I will focus on increasing my strength as much as possible but I will also add some more running/power-walks now when the weather should start firing up, this will be a perfect mid-day break from studies.

Also I will mainly keep to lower GI carbohydrates and see how this will work out for me.


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