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March 26, 2013

After a very chilled out weekend which left me with loads of motivation to workout on Monday morning I did some studies for as long as I could make myself and then had a few slices of crisp bread 50 grams of Whey protein and off I went with the goal to mainly focus on my deadlifting routine!

I had a great drive and focus, which could be thanks to taking 2 scoops of Jacked XX..

Anyway, with the the focus and motivation I had and when the technique was feeling more than right the following managed to happen:

Barbell Deadlift:

  • 60 kg x 4 reps (+59 pts)
  • 100 kg x 3 reps (+94 pts)
  • 120 kg x 1 reps (+86 pts)
  • 140 kg x 1 reps (+116 pts)
  • 160 kg x 2 reps (+193 pts)
  • 140 kg x 3 reps (+170 pts)
  • 120 kg x 10 reps (+186 pts)
  • 120 kg x 5 reps (+158 pts)

I’m truly more than happy to manage pulling these kind of weights in my leanest state I’ve ever been in and just getting back to Deads as well!

The rest of the workout was focused upon Chin-ups and then pull-ups also, after that I could not find any more energy what so ever.

I’m thinking of changing my approach a little bit, just by adding a few more sets on 1 repetitions on the higher work loads just to keep pushing myself but also something like the above with the 10 repetitions on 120 kilo.

Tomorrow is the time for the easier workout which will be Bench press, dips and some shoulders – can’t wait!

Now it is time to paint some Easter Eggs with Cissi unt kixxx!



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