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The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones

March 25, 2013

Sometimes it’s easy to start doubting whatever you’re doing is not working all of a sudden or just a lack of motivation hits you.

Something quite important is to think from time to time, why are you doing this, what made you to start doing this, what have you achieve lately both short-term and long-term.

Remember, nothing happens just over night – Just keep doing whatever that’s been working for you in the long-term, because this is what makes the real results, the consistency of keep doing something.


If you have 3 different workout sessions each week, make sure you perform the same exercises as this will enable you to track your progress, enable you to create goals and actually achieve them.

This will truly make a different in your quest of fitness & health, no matter what the end result looks like for you.

Combine this with good home-made food with actual nutritional content that actually does something for you and your body and you have a winner recipe!

Also as the picture quotes, do not strive for perfection, as there is nothing as perfection…

Everyone is truly different due to genetics and the mental approach one has to training, just keep pushing yourself to become stronger, faster, bigger, slimmer, harder – It’s all about the consistency and effort you put in.

Now get up on that horse again, it’s time to kick some ass!


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One Comment
  1. Very true! Good reminder. I am making small changes to my already healthy diet each week and pushing myself a little more with each workout. And I AM getting stronger and I am getting back in shape. Little step by little step.

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