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Raw eggs? Nah mate

March 21, 2013

Are you one of those that drink your eggs raw, running in the woods squatting and doing lunges with a big tree and then lets out a big roar? Or do you know anyone who does any of these?

As the two latter points might actually be productive in terms of training if that gets you going…

Let’s focus on the first point, the drinking of raw eggs:

It might sound extremely hardcore, manly and it probably feels like it makes you grow stronger and more healthy. As I’ve mentioned in older posts there is a extremely big amounts of myths and just very weird “facts” in the Fitness & Health industry, and most people do fall for these “tips” or “facts” and I don’t blame you!

It’s very hard to actually know what is true or not today regarding our health, supplements and food if you actually put the effort in yourself and research things on websites that actually provides a reference link to some proper studies made into the area of subject.

I have actually had the question “So, you doing the whole working out 3 hours a day, 7 days a week and drink raw eggs then?” quite a lot throughout this half year, and before that as well.

Truth to be told, you will only be wasting your money, loosing out on protein and just missing out on the delicious flavour of cooked eggs.

Let me introduce you to something called –Biological Value / BV – this is a measurement of how much of the actual protein that is being absorbed to the amount that gets excreted in your urine after eating something.

  • Raw Eggs the actual Biological Value is around 51% – Which means, you are literally throwing away almost half of the protein and the money you spent buying those eggs!
  • Cooked Eggs on the other hand has a Biological Value of around 91% – This is a crazy difference in comparison to drinking your eggs raw, and you get much more value for your money!

Reference – without this, I could just be making things up really.

Now tell me why you are drinking your eggs raw?




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  1. Wow, interesting! I guess Rocky was wrong eh? I eat my eggs cooked (big surprise as I am a girl). Nice post!

  2. Wtf finns det ens folk som gör det :|

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