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Helping out!

March 20, 2013

Wednesday already, the days fly when you have fun, right?

Yesterday consisted of studies, interval training on the stationary bike and then the highlight of the day: Dinner at Cissi and Olivers place in the evening, and it is most probably the best dinner I’ve had in a good 2-3 months without a doubt!

Just fooding and talking about everything and nothing to Swedish “raggare” and the music that comes with that, and some dancing from their side, as I’m not very good at that…

Today I cannot manage myself to move out of the sofa, everything seems like the biggest effort ever. As I’m getting more than enough sleep, I will drag my sore legs to do some chest, triceps and shoulders at the gym. I’m thinking of doing my own potato chips with chicken in the oven for post-workout and a tub of sorbet MIGHT slip down, we will see at the end.

I’m also finally posting all the required papers today to receive my certificate for level 2, as I have been waiting for some information that was needed prior to submitting the whole thing.

Now I shall press the very nice play button on Spotify, drink my Pre-workout igniter and have a nice stroll to the gym pressing my life away hoping to get stronger :-)


I would also like to offer something for a couple of people, I’m thinking about helping a few individuals who are looking to improve their overall strength in the gym through a new training programme and maybe shred some fat away at the same time.

I will also help with nutrition as in what kind of food you could eat and when to do it.

Drop a comment or email me on – if you would be interested, this offer is free of charge.

I will give it a week or so before deciding on the people, if that many applies that is.


Get leaner AND Stronger!


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