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March 18, 2013

Monday! A day many see as a grey, dull day.

I quite like them, it feels like a fresh start, a new week and new workouts to look forward to!

After more than a few weeks, which feels like an eternity, I have no problems what so ever to walk on my heel or even do some jogging with it which I experience on my fine morning walk with the Zigg today!

This resulted in rewarding myself after some intense hours of studies about our nervous system and its different branches with going to the gym and doing some Deadlifts again!

Knowing myself, I have quite a hard time holding back in the gym in the aspect of weights, frankly I like it heavy and intense…

With this in my mind I managed to do 2 rather easy repetitions on 140 kilo, which I’m quite happy with after so long time not performing  at all in Deadlifts! My internal abdominal muscles worked more than enough and feeling them for every step I took on my way home.

What to do when you manage something like this? Celebrate of course, which ended up with a nice big tub of Blackcurrant Sorbet for me as a dessert after my Chicken & rice cream-cheese bake.




Except from the Deadlifts the session was OK  I’m still on a plateau on 90 kilo x 5 repetitions on the barbell bench press, which annoys

me quite a lot. I’ll focus a bit more on shoulder presses the next few weeks which should boost my flat presses as well, hopefully…

I’m also thinking about some new goal, except that 200 kilo Deadlift one, just to increase my motivation and do something new, at least I will take up some intervals again on Rest-days.



Baked, messy, delicious

Baked, messy, delicious




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