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Only able to absorb 30 grams of protein?!

March 14, 2013

So, I have actually managed to publish 30 posts with this included, I’m such a writer…

Anyways, the last days have been fun strolling around at my local New Fitness Exchange gym shadowing two of the PT’s and helping out in general, on Monday we got a nice little delivery of new weight plates, barbells, dumbbells etc… Kind of like Christmas for a gym-freak like myself, which is nice.

Something even more nice is that how I’m realising how at home I feel just strolling around in the gym, oh so ‘naturalee’, some would say, not too sure who though.

I’m finally something like, fully recovered from my whole body sessions this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I just been walking around like a zombie mentally, I guess a few weeks of -go all out- all body has taken its toll without proper amount of foods. – This is where my sister shouts out loudly about how much I already eat… heh

Enough about me, let us touch on a subject briefly, one that many have gotten their head wrong around due to oh-so-many fitness professionals keep talking about it.

You can only absorb 30 grams of protein each time you eat a meal”

Really? really? So, why are people obese then? Because our absorption system cannot ABSORB everything we eat?

LINK1       LINK2  – The myth probable came after this study was done

Our bodies do actually absorb and process everything we eat, otherwise obesity would not exist at all amongst us..

I’ve been eating at least 100 grams of protein in each meal since the start of this summer, sometimes even up to 180 grams which is quite a lot of meat in one sitting for some people, and I’ve got decent results both aesthetics and strength wise.

You can then of course alter for how long it will take your body to fully break down, absorb and process what you have eaten by adding a bowl of green vegetables which will slow the rate of absorption.

So, if you want to eat much bigger portions of protein in one go, feel free to, there’s no magic limit/threshold in our body that says “OH NO, 30 GRAMS OF PROTEIN HAS BEEN ABSORBED, STOP ABSORBING NOW”

Have a great day you fine people, because I will!


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  1. Yeah that myth annoys me too! Although there are some ways of getting your body to pass things through without absorbing. Taking things like Caffeine, Alpha-lipoic acid, Green Tea Flavanols and Garlic extract before meals can inhibit fat storage. How is your injury going? Back on the deadlifts yet? It has been too cold here recently for me to lift big, I can’t lift unless I feel my muscles are sweaty, hot!

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