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Friday thoughts

March 8, 2013

Something very important but simple to remember in life, especially with fitness & health.

That you should always do what you love to do, no matter if you enjoy going to the gym and only perform Squats, cleans or snatches or just to perform a 45 minute cardio session.

No matter what the activity is, as long as it makes you happier, healthier inthe long term, it is a good approach.

Well, as long as you actually are doing some weird stuff, like the power-plate and really think vibrations will get rid of any fat you may want to lose.

Me, myself and I, stopped doing the gym in early 2011, stopped enjoying food and just lost literally all muscles I had manage to obtain up to this point.

From that time until 2012 May I just tried to stay skinny running way too much and through under eating, which is not the greatest of ideas.

As some of you may know, the more muscle you lose or have, the lower your metabolism will be and then to eat a big calorie deficit… You can actually gain weight this way, due to your body holding into more and more fluid- this happens as well if you do too much cardio/training too often.

So, what I just want to say – there is loads of ways to exercise, so may be better/easier than others in terms of obtaining results, but the main part is that it has to work daily, weekly for YOU.

I’ve found my way back to strength training and found an awesome way on how to progress, which is the one I’m mainly posting about on here

Otherwise exercise adherence and motivation won’t be up high for long…

Today is whole body session time for me after I’ve done hair presentations at Sassoon, and after going to a Brasillian Carvery with Alex yesterday, I am expecting some new awesome personal bests to be smashed.


Follow your goals, keep motivation up – reap the results.


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