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Yet again, less is more – Yes, for abs as well.

March 6, 2013

And the craziness about getting that flat stomach before summer died a little after a few weeks when those NYE resolutions felt a bit too much or you just postpone them a few weeks because there is so little time to work those abs 5 times a week for half an hour a time…

You know what, if you would like those abs/flat stomach, don’t perform a 5 day a week routine for them or think that latest cool brand diet pill will do it for you either.

First of all, your beloved summer abs or also known as -Rectus Abdominis-, they are like any other major muscle in your body.

Your -Rectus Abdominis-, you will work this very popular muscle all day, everyday, just by keeping a good posture, and even more whilst doing other exercises at the gym that requires you to keep your core stable and tight.

So, it has to do quite a lot of work then, would it then be smart to isolate it beyond infinity for at least 5 days a week to get that 6 pack poppin’ out?

  • Would you work you back-muscles the same amount? 

Probably not, you would probably end up with a muscle inflammation..

If you get the point I’m trying to say, which I truly hope, let’s move on to how to get strong, good abs with minimum time wasted and sessions at the gym*.


  • First of all, if you have too high Body fat % you will never see them, realise this first of all, diet is always important for great muscle definition.


  • Stop the 5 x a week ab-routine
  • Fuckaroundit’s balance ball exercises looking like a complete idiot
  • ABZ-Class that make you “feel the burn” in your abs for 1 hour
  • Supplements that claims to bring your abs forth

The easy, simple, less is more approach

  • Multi-joint compound movements
  • 5-10 minutes of direct ab-isolation work
  • Low intensity/High intensity interval Cardio on an empty stomach/just protein eaten prior to the session. (Raises Glucagon with just protein, no carbs)
  • Have enough rest in between sets

Compound movements – Deadlift, Squats – If you are man/woman enough to go heavy on these with correct form there is not really a need to do any direct ab work, these exercises will make your core work so hard to stabilise you that your abs will get rock hard and defined, but also strong like never before.

Assistance/complementary ExercisesRenegade Rows with dumbbells or kettlebells, farmers walk

Isolation Exercises – Crunches/weighted crunches either lying on your back or in the CC-cable machine, Hanging Straight Leg Raises, The Plank etc.

Just make sure to focus on those big compound exercises and spend those few minutes on some extra sets of pure isolation work if your not exhausted yet, the Renegade row is a great finisher if performed in the higher rep range of 14-20 reps.

Cardio – The high intensity interval gets the high-light yet again, why? Because they truly are awesome to do… If you start out easier until you get comfortable to sprint for all you are worth, this means you would not be able to even talk/whistle at all, your main focus would be on getting enough oxygen in – don’t worry, your sympathetic nervous system will take care of this.

If you sprint for all you got your arms will move a considerable amount and your abs will work quite hard stabilising your whilst your upper body rock back and forth a bit.

Low Intensity Cardio

This won’t work your abs directly, but if performed whenever, usually in the morning on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water, coffee this will burn some more fat for you to aid you bring the definition of your abs – in conjunction with a good diet that is.

The water will help to make your blood a bit more easy flowing in your veins and the coffee wakes you up, raises your adrenaline/nor-adrenaline levels which aids with your fat loss as well.

Here’s what performing only Deadlifts, Squats, bench, chins and dips as the major exercises to then finish with Renegade Rows only, I did all of these in one workout x 3 a week on my cut before going to Japan with Vidal Sassoon.



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