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Not eating every other hour turn you into starvation mode? Not Really…

March 4, 2013

First of all, this if one of the biggest topics and myths that is going around in the fitness community but also in every day life.

I stumble across quite a lot of people that usually tells me that not eating breakfast will ruin my training results and it will slow my metabolism down.

So let’s think about something before you say this is just none-sense talk from my side:

When we had to hunt  for our food and survival, we did not really wake up, have a big breakfast and put our nervous system into the -Parasympathetic nervous system- which actually happens after you eat something more substantial.

This will make us sleepy and slow to allow increased blood flow to aid digestion, hence -food coma-.

This means that our ancestors most probably did have to walk around in a more or less fasted state at some hours during the day but still had to be very active hunting and being alert, in other words their – sympathetic nervous system- which keeps us alert, raises our heart beat rate, adrenaline and so on to keep us on our toes.

This is exactly what happens when you commence exercise.

So actually eating way too much before exercise actually will make you more sleepy and non-focused or alert…

Back to the main topic, will this slow my metabolism down or not then?

A lowering of the metabolism is found to occur after about 60 hours of fastening … So much for “Stoking the metabolic fire” guys…

With short-term fastening the metabolism is actually increased by roughly 3,5-10% after 36-48 hours – I wouldn’t do this of course, but just to show you research about it.

This means that shorter periods of fasting 14-16 hours is actually working a treat for us humans!

So please do not buy into all the myths the fitness & health industry like to tell you, or your friend who has read something at some weird forum.



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