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Sunday funday!

March 3, 2013

Yesterday I had my practical assessment for my level 2 Fitness Instructor Certificate, I took my fine friend Emil to the venue and talked about how important muscle stretching is (it is not really that important), how to avoid to get short muscles (your muscles will stay the same length throughout your life) and how to do proper chin-ups.

I managed to pass the assessment which means I just have to complete 20 hours of shadowing a REPs certified Instructor now to become certified myself, which feels great!

After the assessment we found a nice little scale that would measure your current weight and body-fat percentage – These are not as accurate as the calliper tools though*

After 1 week of low carbs before my show in Belgium with Sassoon and one week of eating a bit of everything:

  • 80.3 KG
  • 6.6 % Body-fat

Which means I gone from around 82 KG’s in the end of January, so time to get some more food down, train a bit harder and hopefully become a little bit stronger!

And I’m not eating 6 small meals a day that so so so many are telling people that YOU HAVE TO DO in order to get stronger or improve your fitness, It is truly just some none-sense talk.

And as I still have some issues with my heel I have not started to deadlift/squat yet, I’ll make up an alternative schedule tomorrow which will involve some more isolation exercises to be able to workout the whole  body.

Even if I have not been able to progress my deadlifts and squats I have managed to improve the following lifts over the past week.

  • Bench press – 90 KG x 5
  • Chin-ups BW + 30 KG x 6
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench press 34 kg’s x 7

Small steps as progression is really great to do to keep yourself motivated and find the training fun, as this means you will increase the weights almost every new week in at least one or more exercise.

SUNDAY, may be the best day of the week, and this one as not an exception really:

Had a nice sleep in, had coffee in Chiswick to then do a nice 20 minute session of intervals on the stationary bike.

All this was followed up by some real nice food, chicken, fish, oven roasted vegetable covered with some mozzarella!

Snacks are oven-roasted butternut squash with coarse black pepper!


Food prep, I just love all the colours, perfect for a nice Sunday meal!


Roasted veg with steamed chicken & alaskan pollock


Oven roasted butter-nut squash in the oven for 35 minutes – 200 Celsius


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