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Pre-Workout nutrition

February 28, 2013

Quickly some thoughts on how about you should eat before a session of weights or something alike.

Many people goes with the beliefs that they have to munch down a mountain of food just to be able to manage that 40 minute session of half looking, half lifting those weights.

No matter what your goals are, I would put the main focus on food and nutritional values POST workout as this is when your body will need more energy and macro-nutrients to do some recovery and repair.

If you really do feel like you HAVE to have some more substantial before hitting the gym, please do, everyone is different, never forget that.

Here is two set-ups I usually use depending on how intense the session will be:

  1. Fasted Workout – I will not eat any food prior to exercise but only having my Pre-Workout Jacked XX and Branched Chain amino acids to elevate the protein-synthesis which is all you need to prevent muscle loss during the session due to fasted state.


    Gets you jacked up..

  2. 1 Pre-workout meal 30-45 minutes prior to exercise which usually consists of mid GI carbohydrates; 4 slices of Ryvita & 1 Apple

I usually then drink 25 grams of Whey isolate during my workout, as I work the muscles, this will work as a “pump” literally shovelling the available nutrients into the muscles that works during exercise.

I then go shop, go home and then have a huge mountain of food to maximize gains and to maintain low body fat %.

To remember with this post is that I never eat breakfast, I break my fast around 12-2 o’clock each day, this works well for me but it is not suitable for everyone of course.

You should follow a fitness & health routine that actually makes you feel great and makes you progress.


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