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Lower your Resting Heart Rate without running

February 26, 2013

Has someone in your presence told you that you REALLY need to start running to be able to lower your -Resting Heart Rate-?

It does, of course, make sense as the exercise running is known to improve your Cardiovascular Fitness level and hence the lowering of heart rate at rest..

But let’s say that you hated the mere thought of cardio, or just have to choose between your beloved strength training and cardio, which makes the decision quite easy..

If you would follow my brief guidelines in timing your rest periods between sets to allow yourself to fully recover between those sets and go heavy enough using the -Reverse Pyramid Training- approach you can actually work up a pretty decent -Heart Rate- just picking some barbells & dumbbells up a few times.

Here’s a picture of my -Heart Rate- seconds after doing some weighted Supinated Chin-ups, as you can see it says -172- which is about 86% of my -Maximum Heart Rate*-Image

  • *Maximum Heart rate calculation – 220 – 22 (my age) = 198
  • 172 bpm divided 198 which gives me ~ 0.86
  • 86% of my Maximum Heart Rate

This means my heart will be working at the same level and way as if I would have been doing HIIT sprints.

This results in almost a pure Weight lifting routine has given me a -Resting Heart Rate- of 49-52 during chilling, measured with my Polar RS300x Heart Rate Monitor.

Which gives you the following results after 1 week cut, low carb, moderate fats and high protein..


Not the biggest nor muscular one, but weights do keep my body fat levels at bay.


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  1. impressive results. So your goal is 200kg deadlift? That sounds great! What do you weigh?

    • Thanks mate! I’m around 80-82 kilograms at the moment :) The goal is 200kg deads, but I haven’t been able to start progressing properly due to a bruised heel..

  2. Robin permalink

    Kan du lägga upp ditt schema? Vore grymt!:)

  3. Leo permalink

    You are so damn beautiful! I just wonder what it whould take for me to might have a chans to go on a date with you? :)

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