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Shortly why Protein makes you ripped quick & easy

February 25, 2013

Something that felt like it lasted for a week but in fact was for just 2 days in total is now over and I must say that even if I did not end up in Brussels, at least I can say that I’ve been in Kortrijk once in my life!

This means that a week of a diet consisting mainly of microwaved eggs, chicken, white fish fillets and apples is over and thanks for that! 

I just did a thermogenic type of diet, that consisted of mainly protein from lean sources (See above again) and some fats for satiety and hormone balance.

What happens if you eat a lot of protein and a little bit less calories is that because of the complex structure of proteins and your body has to put a little more effort into breaking these down, 20-25% of the actual calorific content “disappears” in a other form of energy – Heat!

To make things a little bit simpler, if you would eat 2000 calories worth of pure protein (please don’t, as this is 500 grams of protein in real life) the actual calorific content would be something around 1600-1700 calories. Magic, eh?

Compare this to carbohydrates and fats that requires almost no energy to break down after you have eaten it.

My foot is not still properly healed which means I cannot do any squats or deadlifts yet, which makes my 200 kilogram goal in deadlifting a bit harder to actually reach.

I might go and do a whole body approach but without putting any extra load on my heel, this is when resistance machines actually are a good substitute when you cannot do compound movements with a barbell!

I will try to find some pictures from the show or something in the next couple of days, but I will be rather busy planning my Gym Instruction for my last assessment for Level 2 Fitness Instruction Certificate this Saturday!



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