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What happens and what’s the benefits then?

February 20, 2013

Interval Training, which I touched on a bit in my post yesterday.

What does actually these intervals of high and low intensity do in your body?

High Intensity

  • This will put the body into using the Lactate Energy System which happens when you reach around 80% of Maximal Heart Rate and this is due to your body is unable to supply your muscles with enough Oxygen which leads to —>
  • Lactic Acid builds up and an Oxygen debt is created

Low Intensity / Recovery

  • During this phase the hearth and your lungs are stimulated as they try to pay back the debt of Oxygen to be able to break down the Lactic Acid in the muscle known as Lactate as well

Doing this as recommended in last post, 2 to 3 times a week will improve your Cardiovascular Fitness.

The following improvements follow as well:

  • Capillarization – Capillaries, the smallest veins in your body, enabling transport of both nutrients and waste from your muscles.
  • Strengthening of the Heart
  • Improved Oxygen Uptake

These together gives an improvement in performance, particularly in the cardiovascular system.

If these two posts is not enough to make you incorporate HIIT training in your exercise programme, nothing will.

Ps. It will make you ripped beyond your imagination if used correctly in conjuction with strength training!


Artery – Capillaries – Vein


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