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A Tee

Been a busy day, but look what was born today!



Pulled human

That might sound like cooking a human the same way that you make Pulled pork, that would be gross though..

Today’s workout was fairly quick and spot on, for every workout I do, I learn how to exhaust myself by less amount of sets and repetitions. It’s fairly hard to explain but it is like zoning into your body whilst lifting, only receiving stimuli from the muscles that actually are working.

I’m excited to say that another ball is set in motion, and I cannot wait to show you guys – It will focus towards Swedish speaking people at first, then depending on the popularity – English might be on the wall too.

Sunday Workout

Pull-ups – Overhand grip

  • 18 Reps
  • 9
  • 7
  • 4

Yes, I did 2 more repetitions on my first set compared to last my last pull-up workout! Although the following sets was not up to the same level, my arms and back were exhausted after that.


  • 110 kg x 6 x 2 sets

Then different versions of Planking and Hanging leg raises!


Don’t forget your cool-down stretches, amazing for you mind and body.

Blueberry Protein Sorbet

Who does not like ice cream? Well some might not, but I know most people out there really enjoy a cold and awesome ice cream of any sort. Especially during the summer but, some of us do like it year round.

Like me.

Sometimes it’s not the best time to scoop loads of ice cream down, depending on your diet and how strict/clean you eat. (I know Clean eating is a bit weird, I would more say – Unprocessed foods – instead.) Here’s a little thing I usually do when;

  1. Do not have Ice Cream in the fridge
  2. Want something that’s lower in Fat, Sugar and higher in Fibre & Protein

Today was numero 2, so I decided to do some Blueberry Protein Sorbet to my Post workout Oat cake.

Blueberry Protein Sorbet Recipe

  • 100 grams of Frozen Blueberries – Must be frozen
  • dash of skimmed milk – omit with full fat if you’d like more fat in it.
  • 15 gram (ish) of Whey Protein Powder

Put all of into a blender and blend away until you have a smooth icy sorbet, packet with Nutrients, Fibre, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants. (If it does not blend properly, just add some more milk or water and blend some more until smooth)

And you will end up with this awesome tasting home-made sorbet!Image

Be yourself, be awesome.

When everything just flows, you feel the rhythm in your life. It all feels awesome and you feel like you’re on top of the freaking world, nothing stopping you no matter what you are doing!

Today and the past few day’s has been like this for me, a notch more awesome than any other regular good old day. I really think that we need to embrace these days much more than what we actually do at the moment! It’s so important to do things that you really enjoy doing and not doing stuff just because “everyone else are doing it”, do whatever you find fun and makes you a more happy person!

This will result in a much more happy, motivated and driven you. Also making you feel more self-confident which makes you calmer and more secure in yourself – This means lower levels of cortisol and a much more balanced body and you will both look and feel greater!

  • I’m quite fed up with people on the internet claiming that you need to have a certain muscular frame/size to be able to feel good about yourself, which is completely stupid. It’s all about a balance in life and being able to do other stuff than just going to the gym every day and biceps curl for 2 hours straight just to look good on the beach next summer and therefore bulk á – Eat everything you can and get fat. Choose for yourself what you are confident and happy in terms of your body and its size, If clothing fitting is important to you, maybe squatting 10 times per week for huge thighs is not the plan for you..

I’m more than happy with my results in terms of body fat and muscle definition, although I do not have HUGE size on my abdominals nor any other muscles I’m so comfortable in my body as it is and I really feel that this is something I quite easily can maintain. As I always stick around this definition both up and down in %, just depending on how stressed/diet looks like during different periods in my life, which is normal to be different at times.

Be happy with who you are and how your body is created and looks by itself, improve yourself with the tools and frame you are given!

And remember, if you feel that you need help to get ready for this summer or just life in general – Contact me for personal coaching & training. 

I will personally tailor a workout plan and a macro-nutrient profile for you, depending on how you lead your life outside the gym. Nothing is too simple or too hard, I’ll help you on your way to get more Healthy and Awesome!


The weird face is on me..

Recipe & Training

This is going too well! I managed to hit 16 repetitions on my pull-ups today, which brings me even closer to my 20 rep goal! The current set-up/programming with increasing the total repetitions by 2 each set seems  to work. Basically what I am doing is that am not working too close to failure and therefore not taxing my muscles nor my nervous system too much, which would increase the time it would take for them to recover fully.

Today’s workout took merely 40 minutes and felt great!

Pull-ups – Overhand grip

  • 16
  • 14
  • 12
  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7

Followed by some dumbbell rows then some quick planking and hand stands!

Proper Recipe for Banana Chocolate Oat Cake with Raspberries.

I’ve perfected the actual recipe and here goes with instructions and pictures. (I know too many of them)

100 gram Oats
25 gram Casein Double Chocolate Almond flavour
1 teaspoon cacao
1 tablespoon desiccated coconut
1 tablespoon of Oat-bran

1 Medium Egg – 50 grams
200 grams Skimmed Milk
1 Banana – 120 gram
30 gram of Quark 0.5 % Fat

Ground the oats until fine and smooth flour, add the protein powder,cacao and coconut – mix quickly. Blend the Wet-ingredients until a smooth batter. Grease a non-sting spring form or something alike and coat with some additional coconut and Oat-bran.

Mix both groups of ingredients and fold it together until no lumps are present, and have a taste!

Pour the batter into the form and bake at 180-200’C for about 15 minutes, depending on your oven.  I really like mine to stay quite fudge-like and moist so I take mine out when a stabbed knife almost comes out completely clean!

IMG_0752 IMG_0753 IMG_0756

7th day

End of the week, god I really do like Sundays!

I’m finally set in my new flat! I just need a table and some other stuff!

Rolled over to le gym with my lil’ sister this afternoon to move our asses, at least tried to!

I felt pretty exhausted mentally beforehand so I limited myself to a set weight on my deadlifts;

60 kg x 10
100 kg x 8 x 4 sets

Did some pull-ups, 8 x 2 sets then focused on keeping a flat spine during really slow straight leg raises, lying down.

And then finished it all of with burning abs and the plank.

Postworkout cake of today?

Banana raspberry & Vanilla Oat cake!

100 gram Oats – grounded
1 dash cinnamon
1 scoop Vanilla Casein

1 egg, 2.5 dl skimmed milk, 1 banana

Mix it up and put batter into a springform or something a like. (Non-stick)

Squeeze some raspberries into the batter. Bake until golden brown and still soft/moist in middle and you get this;

I served this with a cup of chocolate pudding with left over raspberries.


Abs, goals and cake!

20 Pull-ups, that’s the ones with an over-hand grip in the UK/USA and palms facing your face in Sweden.
I don’t know why it is mixed up, it’s quite annoying really.

So, one of my goals with my training was to be able to perform the Pull-up (over-hand) for 20 consecutive repetitions with great form and no cheating. * Read legs sprawling and climbing upwards and all other directions trying to generate movement.

Yesterday I managed to blow out 14 repetitions during my first set of pull-ups with good technique and power, only the very last few repetitions felt like more of a struggle. which takes me only 6 repetitions away from my goal!

In general it was a good and fun workout with insane pump in my forearms and lower biceps, you know the feeling like your arms are wrapped tightly with plastic film and you try to tense, there is just not enough room! :D

Today was the last workout for a while, as I’m working and then moving over to my new flat on Saturday and then IKEA time on Sunday!! So damn excited.

I also took some check point pictures of my abdomen quite glycogen depleted, baked my 10th oat banana cake and managed to get it really moist!


Oat banana cake recipe!

  • 100 gram Oats
  • 1 tsp cacao
  • dashes of Oat-bran
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 dl skimmed milk 0.5 % Fat
  • 1 medium egg
  • 20 grams of Chocolate Almond Casein powder
  • 140 gram worth of banana (1 big)

Blend the oats and cacao powder together until your oats are more like Oat flour, and also mix in the baking powder whenever.
Then mix the banana, milk and egg separately until smooth. Mix both bowls worth of content into one, and fold until you have a smooth creamy and chocolaty batter..

Butter a non-stick spring or something alike up and coat it with Oat-bran and then add the batter.

Then I added ANOTHER banana (not included in basic recipe) and sliced it into three slices and placed it into the cake and pressed them down ½ an inch..
Cooked in the lower section of my oven at 180 C for about 13-15 minutes, or until stabbed with a knife in the middle and that comes out fairly clean.

Now, I took my cake out when my knife came out almost 100 % clean.. This makes the cake a bit more fudge like in the middle, and satisfies your chocolate fudge cravings! On top of this I made some Casein pudding to put on top and increase the protein content of this meal :)